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Route Map
6-Oct Sun

Michigan Flyer

ARB → DTW Ypsilanti Ann Arbor to Detroit Metro Airport
    Air Canada DTW → YYZ AC 7364 Toronto Detroit to Toronto
    Air Canada YYZ → YVR AC 121 Vancouver Toronto to Vancouver
    Skytrain YVR → AirBnB Vancouver Air BnB in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver
7-Oct Mon Eco-Cities Simon Fraser University Vancouver

Sustainable housing project

Simon Fraser University:
New sustainable housing

Simon Fraser University new housing

8-Oct Tue Eco-Cities Strathcona Vancouver

Sustainable social housing

Modular sustainable social housing
corner of Terminal Avenue and Main street

Modular sustainable social housing



Metro Vancouver government

Metro Vancouver Council Chamber: where grand plans are made and growth boundaries enforced

Metro Vancouver Council Chamber


9-Oct Wed Eco-Cities Canada Place Vancouver EcoCities World Summit 2019

EcoCities World Summit 2019

10-Oct Thu Eco-Cities Canada Place Vancouver

EcoCities World Summit 2019

Canada Place

EcoCities World Summit 2019
11-Oct Fri Eco-Cities Canada Place Vancouver

Vancouver at night

Canada Place looks like a large ship
Vancouver Canada Place at night
12-Oct Sat Skytrain
local Vancouver

City Hall; Oakridge redevelopment site;

Oakridge redevelopment site: vision

Oakridge redevelopment site: now

Oakridge redevelopment site vision

Oakridge redevelopment site

    Amtrak Cascades VAC → SEA Seattle


(Pacific Station)



(King Street Station)

Route Map
13-Oct Sun King County Metro Advent Anglican Church Seattle

and Eden Martin

14-Oct Mon AirBnB Capitol Hill Seattle Roy Street Commons Roy Street Commons
15-Oct Tue King County Metro   Seattle

"This is why nobody takes the bus..."
- Eden Martin

Transit exchange at University of Washington

Transit exchange at University of Washington
16-Oct Wed Amtrak Coast Starlight SEA → SAC Sleeper Western Oregon from the train window Western Oregon
17-Oct Thu Amtrak Coast Starlight SEA → SAC Amtrak Sacramento

Golden One Center →


Golden sunset over California State Capitol →→

Sacramento Golden 1 CenterSacramento Capitol at sunset
18-Oct Fri San Mateo SMART Sacramento Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit
19-Oct Sat Rail Passengers Association   Sacramento Passenger cars at California State Rail Museum, Sacramento Passenger cars at California State Rail Museum, Sacramento
    Wedding Nett+Aaron Livermore A ring for Aaron A ring for Aaron
20-Oct Sun Rail Passengers Association SAC → RIC → Market Str Sacramento

[The Salesforce] Transbay Terminal north corner: Beale Street at The North Cut

Transbay Terminal going up

Transbay Terminal part of rooftop park

Transbay Terminal ground floor bus bays

TransbayTerminal north corner: Beale Street at The North Cut Transbay Terminal going up Transbay Terminal part of rooftop park

Transbay Terminal ground floor bus bays

    Transbay Terminal Market St → RIC → SAC San Francisco
21-Oct Mon Rail Passengers Association California High Speed Rail construction Central Valley

California High Speed Rail construction site visit

Viaduct #203 and San Joaquin River bridge
(pardon the selfie ;-)

California High Speed Rail construction site visit
22-Oct Tue Amtrak Capitol Corridor SAC → RIC Sacramento Suisun Sunrise from Amtrak Capitol Corridor train #525 Suisun Sunrise from Amtrak Capitol Corridor train #525
    BART RCA → SFO Bay Area
    All Nippon Air SFO → NRT In flight Farewell to San Francisco Bay Area
(and North America)
Farewell to San Francisco Bay Area (and North America)
23-Oct Wed All Nippon Air   In flight
    Keisei Skyliner NRT → (Keisei) Ueno Ueno Keisei Ueno Station, Skyliner arriving Keisei Ueno Station, Skyliner arriving
24-Oct Thu JR East Ueno → Kawasaki Kawasaki

Kawasaki Air BnB

Windows on the second floor of this funny yellow triangular building are for the bedroom and kitchen of the Air BnB. First floor is a Nepali/Indian restaurant. Best nan I've had anywhere!


Kawasaki Solid Square Office Complex


Directly across the street from the funny little yellow building where I stayed.

Kawasaki Air BnBKawasaki Solid Square Office Complex
25-Oct Fri Keikyu Railway Yokohama Kawasaki

Kawasaki: Keikyu Railway

Keikyu corporation owns building, restaurant and train. Keikyu Kawasaki Station is just out of sight to the right.


Kawasaki: Keikyu Railway building, restaurant and train
26-Oct Sat Keikyu Railway Tsurumi Pool Kawasaki

Kawasaki JR Station main concourse →

JR East owns the building and the seven-story shopping mall to the east; the elegant Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki to the southeast, and JR Kawasaki business hotel to the west.

Kawasaki JR Station main concourse
27-Oct Sun walk Kawasaki Shoutai Church Kawasaki

Kawasaki Tama Riverbank

Japan's homelessness problem is not as severe as in the US and Canada, but the homeless are just as sad. There are severe penalties for panhandling. This encampment in the Tama River recreation area is nearly invisible from the adjointing street,


Kawasaki Tama Riverbank
28-Oct Mon JR East Shibuya Kawasaki

Kawasaki Dai-ichi Shinto temple

Very recently built in the Hindu style, this is part of a much larger temple, monastery and Shinto/Buddhist studies center. It is most famous for its annual spring fertility festival which attracts participants from around the world.

Kawasaki Dai-ichi Shinto temple
29-Oct Tue walk Meeting at Shoutai Kawasaki  

SuperView Odoriko train at Izu Shimoda

Route Map


30-Oct Wed JR East + Izukyu Shimoda + Sennin Kanaya Onsen Kawasaki

SuperView Odoriko train at Izu Shimoda

From Kawasaki to Shimoda is about 2.5 hours on this handsome train, named "Super View Odoriko". Odoriko is a type of folk-dancer.

Shimoda is one of the three Japanese ports "opened" by Commodor Matthew Perry in 1854. There is a nice exhibit with models of Perry's flotilla of "black ships".

31-Oct Thu JR Central Shinkansen Shinagawa → Nagoya Nagoya From Tokyo's Shinagawa station to Nagoya is about 1.5 hours by Shinkansen. Route Map
1-Nov Fri JR Central Tsurumai Park Nagoya

Sunset over Nagoya from the Marriott Asocia Hotel

The Nagoya area compares in population with the San Francisco Bay area, and is the "Detroit" of Japan for auto manufacturing.


Sunset over Nagoya
2-Nov Sat JR Central Shinkansen Nagoya → Shin-Osaka Hikari 469 Shin-Osaka Nagoya to Shin-Osaka is a little under an hour by Shinkansen. Route Map
3-Nov Sun JR West Shin-Osaka to Osaka-Tennoji   Short hop via JR West Airport Express Route Map
    JR West

Tennoji → Wakayama

  Thanks to misunderstanding with JR West staff, I got on the wrong train. The trip would ordinarily not have been broken at Wakayama.
    JR West

Wakayama → Kii-Katsuura


Wakayama costline

from the next "Kuroshio" train, two hours later.


Wakayama costline
    Walk, ferry

Katsuura → Urashima

Kii Katsuura

At the magnificent Urashima resort complex, Kii-Katsuura. View at dawn from the room

The resort features hot-spring bathing in a cave that opens up onto the Pacific.

The magnificent Urashima resort complex. View from the room
4-Nov Mon rideshare Nachi falls  

Four-level pagoda and Nachi Falls. →

A well-known ancient Japanese spiritual center. Many worship the spirit of the waterfall.

(This picture is found on hundreds of tourist brochures and Web pages...but promise I really took this one myself!)

Five-level pagoda and Nachi Falls
    JR West Kii-Katsuura → Osaka-Tennoji Shin-Osaka

Urashima resort

This is only half of the complex. The rest lies at the foot of the hill to the left (north). The hot-spring and caves are on the far side of the hill (east) facing the Pacific Ocean.

Urashima Resort
    JR West Osaka-Tennoji → Shin-Osaka Shin-Osaka

Wakayama countryside at sunset

Wakayama countryside
5-Nov Tue walk Air BnB, laundry Shin-Osaka

Shin-Osaka station east side

The Air BnB where I stayed is quite close on the left-hand side.

Shin-Osaka station east side
6-Nov Wed JR West, Kobe Railway Woody Town Shin-Osaka

Woody Town Central Station

Woody Town is briefly mentioned in a 1997 video by Ron McElrath as a community planned around the railway station. By 2019, it has become pretty auto-oriented. It's in a largely rural area about an hour northwest of Kobe.

Woody Town Central Station

Umeda Sky Building

As is my custom when visiting Osaka, I made a night-time pilgrimage to this fascinating buiilding, designed by Hiroshi Hara.

Umeda Sky Building
7-Nov Thu JR Central Shinkansen Shin-Osaka → Nagoya Nagoya    
8-Nov Fri JR Central Shinkansen Nagoya → Tokyo Nagoya   Route Map
    JR East Shinkansen Tokyo → Sendai Sendai  
9-Nov Sat Sendai Airport Transit Natori Sendai    
10-Nov Sun JR Hokkaido Shinkansen Sendai → Shin-Hakodate     Route Map
    JR Hokkaido Limited Express Shin-Hakodate → Sapporo Sapporo  
11-Nov Mon walk Hokkaido University Sapporo    
12-Nov Tue JR Hokkaido Limited Express Sapporo → Kushiro     Route Map
    JR Hokkaido local Kushiro → Nemuro Nemuro  
13-Nov Wed JR Hokkaido local Nemuro → Kushiro      
    JR Hokkaido Limited Express Kushiro → Minami Chitose      
    JR Hokkaido Limited Express Minami Chitose → Hakodate Hakodate    
14-Nov Thu JR Hokkaido Hakodate Liner Hakodate-Shin → Hakodate     Route Map
    JR Hokkaido Shinkansen Shin-Hakodate → Tokyo    
    JR Central Shinkansen Tokyo → Shin-Osaka      
    JR West Special Rapid Shin-Osaka → Akashi Honimachi    

Air BnB

15-Nov Fri walk Air BnB Honimachi    
16-Nov Sat walk Air BnB Honimachi    
17-Nov Sun walk Akashi Christ Church Honimachi    
18-Nov Mon JR West Special Rapid Akashi → Shin-Osaka Honimachi    
    JR Central Shinkansen Shin-Osaka → Tokyo      
    JR East Shinkansen Tokyo → Sendai      
19-Nov Tue Sendai Airport Transit Natori Sendai    
20-Nov Wed JR East Shinkansen Sendai → Tokyo Sendai → Kawasaki    
    JR East Tokyo → Kawasaki (Tokaido to Odawara) Kawasaki    
21-Nov Thu JR East Kawasaki → Shinagawa     Route Map
    JR East Narita Express Shinagawa → Narita    
    ANA 12 NRT → ORD Tokyo  
    ANA 5654 = United Express ORD → DTW Detroit   Route Map
    Michigan Flyer DTW → ARB Ann Arbor  
    RETURN Lyft Ypsilanti