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Updated 2017-11-22

Who is Laurence John Krieg?

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela right after the end of World War II. As a kid, I lived at various times in Bethesda, Maryland; Guatemala City, Guatemala; and Santiago, Chile. My childhood was most illuminated by... learn more...

What's here?

Correspondence with C. S. Lewis

Between 1956 and 1960, my mother Philinda Campbell Krieg exchanged several letters with British professor and author Clive Staples Lewis. These were related primarily to the Narnian stories. They are all digitized and text-searchable, and the letters of Mr. Lewis, which were all written by hand using a pen dipped in ink, have been scanned at high resolution, enabling a close view of his penmanship

Family Archives

Both my parents, William and Philinda Krieg, led fascinating lives and wrote letters regularly to family from places they lived, including Germany in 1938, Italy in 1939-40, Paris in 1939-40, Nigeria in 1942-3, and Latin America later.

But there are thousands of these letters, and only a small fraction have (so far) been put in digital form. It's unlikely that I'll finish digitizing these in my lifetime, so please don't be disappointed to find only a few hundred of these letters!

Nwehu Nuswei

Say what...?! Nwehu Nuswei is a languaage I've been inventing since grad school in the 1970s. Don't worry, it's just for fun! It combines an orderly classification of words with elements of phonetic symbolism, all based on the idea that every word in the language can be expressed with the bits in one 16-bit computer "word". (I was in grad school in the 1970s, that's why.)


...and videos. I love travel, I love photographing nature, cities, people, and trains!

My own stuff

Just a little more about my life and interests. You know, the kinds ofstuff everybody wants to say, and nobody wants to listen to.