Néhu Nusê
Nwehu Nuswei

6A00 602B

6A00 = Communication System
602B = Combining Natural and Artificial Elements in Appropriate Degree

About Nwehu Nuswei

Nwehu Nuswei (in IPA: [nwɛ'hə nə'swɛj]) is an artificial language for human discourse in speech, writing, and digital communication. It is not based on any existing human language, but makes use of human language "universals" whenever practicable to make it as easy as possible for all people to learn and use it.

Nwehu Nuwsei Contents

Explanatory Material

  1. Overview
  2. Writing System
  3. Syntax


Word Families

Newhu Nuswei vocabulary is composed of sixteen Families, each of which is composed of sixteen Genuses (Geni), which in turn contain sixteen Species; each Species has sixteen words, making a total of 65,536 vocabulary elements.

This table links the sixteen Families to a page listing the sixteen Genuses in that family:

Number base
Number base
Initial letter
Initial Letter
(Nwehu Nuswei)
Semantic area
0 0 H H Particles: Pronouns, articles, suffixes, various others
1 1 X X The Verb: Copula, modals, aspect, simple tense
2 2 S S Relations: Prepositions, space and time
3 3 F F Variables: to be used as "jargon" in technical fields
4 4 R R Household objects, common tools, vehicles
5 5 Y Y Living creatures: animals
6 6 N N General phenomena: Feelings, Emotions, Movements, Habits
7 7 M M People, Family & Social Relationships, daily life
8 8 K K Physics and Chemistry
9 9 C C Living Creatures: plants
10 A T T Quantities and Qualities
11 B P P Phenomena originating in man and other intelligent creatures (1)
12 C G G Physics and Chemistry, part 2
13 D J J Anatomy, physiology, neurology, cellular chemistry, etc
14 E D D Inorganic natural phenomena
15 F B B Phenomena originating in man and other intelligent creatures (2)