What Larry Put Here

Healing with Jesus

Based on 15 years experience working with a Christian healing and deliverance team, I put this presentation together specifically for my Japanese friends. It's still in draft, pending feedback and expert Japanese correction. It is a Microsoft PowerPoint, rendered also as an Adobe PDF.

Six Weeks in 2019

Travel log for October-November 2019, including Vancouver Canada, Seattle US, Sacramento and vicinity US, and multiple locations in Japan. (Complete through Osaka)

Rail and the Growth of Cities (.pdf)

In this presentation, I argue that cities cannot grow beyond a certain population and cannot be prosperous and productive without rapid, high-capacity transit. Further, the most effective, efficient, and ecologically sustainable high-capacity transit is the electric railway, and without it the Detroit metro area of Southeast Michigan will be prevented from achieving prosperity and growing in a healthy way.

This was presented on June 5, 2019, to the Urban Planning 6520 "Transportation Policy and Planning" class at Wayne State Univeristy, Detroit.