What Larry Put Here

Healing with Jesus

Based on 15 years experience working with a Christian healing and deliverance team, I put this presentation together specifically for my Japanese friends. It's still in draft, pending feedback and expert Japanese correction. It is a Microsoft PowerPoint, rendered also as an Adobe PDF.

Six Weeks in 2019

Travel log for October-November 2019, including Vancouver Canada, Seattle US, Sacramento and vicinity US, and multiple locations in Japan.

Rail and the Growth of Cities (.pdf)

In this presentation, I argue that cities cannot grow beyond a certain population and cannot be prosperous and productive without rapid, high-capacity transit. Further, the most effective, efficient, and ecologically sustainable high-capacity transit is the electric railway, and without it the Detroit metro area of Southeast Michigan will be prevented from achieving prosperity and growing in a healthy way.

This was presented on June 5, 2019, to the Urban Planning 6520 "Transportation Policy and Planning" class at Wayne State Univeristy, Detroit.

Inspiration and Provocation

Over the years, I've done a fair amount of reading. Naturally, some of the writing has been more memorable, and I've collected the most impactful quotes here in four sections:

  • Funny! ( least, I think they're funny!)
  • Descriptions : A good description lets you close your eyes and be there. They are as much poetry as prose. These are what make reading come alive for me.
  • C. S. Lewis : Since C. S. Lewis has been my mentor in many ways over the years, it's only fitting to honor him with a selection of quotes all his own.
  • Everybody Else : Yes, in addition to Lewis, there are many other people who write insightfully and inspiringly. Check them out here!