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I have photos on the Web in several places. This page brings them together with links to several popular photo-sharing sites.

Photo Album Contents

I Love To Travel! Well, I'm not an adventurer, and I have an indisputable taste for comfortable hotels and trains. Given those parameters, with my love of nature's beauty, my photos are generally of landscapes that fire my imagination (or the trains that get me there). And I have a couple of albums that feature the "faces of" a country (Mexico, Japan). Anyway...

Please Enjoy!

  1. Washington, DC

    1. National Cathedral

    1. Cathedral Garden Jesus
    2. Cathedral West Towers
    3. Cathedral West Towers
  2. Japan

    1. Travel by Train in Japan: series of five-minute informational videos
      1. Five to Get Ready
      2. Travel Options in Japan
      3. Railways of Japan
      4. Arriving in Japan
      5. Travel by Train in Tokyo
    2. Faces of Japan (67 photos)
    3. Japan 2015 Tour (48 photos)
    4. Hokkaido
      1. Sapporo (72)
      2. Noboribetsu hotsprings and "Hell Valley" (24)
      3. Hakodate
    5. Kyushu
      1. Nippo Line Action (12 min)
    6. Honshu
      1. Niigata (3 photos)
      2. Kanazawa (42)
      3. Toyama (5)
      4. Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route (107)
      5. Tokyo (123)
      6. Osaka (88 photos)
      7. Ogawa-Nagashima (62)
      8. Chichibu and Mitsumineguchi (70 photos)
  3. Trains

    1. Small Commuter Services in Texas
    2. Trolleys Everywhere
  4. Mexico

    1. Faces of Mexico (97 photos)
  5. Travel to multiple places

    1. 2018 Far East trip (Video, 11 minutes)
  6. Family
    Please note: my apologies, but for privacy and security, this section is limited to family members and invited guests

    1. Laurence & Martha Krieg's 50th Anniversary Album
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