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Photography is one of my favorite hobbies – primarily as a source of peace and satisfaction. On that basis, I'm excited to share some of the better ones with you! In addition to stills, I have quite a few videos on YouTube which I link in here as well.

What's new and exciting?

Latest Uploads as of 2021-01-10

2021-January-10 Europe > Switzerland Switzerland
2020-December-07 North America > Canada > Canadian Rockies
Canadian Rockies
2020-November-01 Near East > Israel > Haifa

Photo Album Contents

I Love To Travel! Well, I'm not an adventurer, and I have an indisputable taste for comfortable hotels and trains. So, given those parameters, with my love of nature's beauty, my photos are generally of landscapes that fire my imagination and the trains that get me there. And I have a couple of albums that feature the "faces of" a country (Mexico, Japan).

So, Please Enjoy!



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