Photos of Krieg Villages in Germany

Helen Krieg Came has found records indicating that two brothers Krieg - Wilhelm and Friedrich - emigrated to the United States in 1833. We assume their mission was to scout for good places to bring family members, and earn enough money to pay for their trans-Atlantic passage. The next record we have is the 1846 arrival of Wilhelm and his wife Maria in Baltimore, Maryland, and about ten years later the establihment of the Krieg carriage-making shop in Buckeystown, Maryland. (Photos of Buckeystown are linked here.)

Wilhelm Krieg listed Albisheim as his home; Friedrich listed Kirchheim. These two villages are not far from the city of Worms in the Baden-Würtemburg state of Germany. Albisheim is about 13 miles | 22 km. west of Worms, and Kirchheim is roughly 10 miles | 15 km. south of Albisheim. There are several towns named Kirchheim (Church-home) in Germany; this one is distinguished as Kirchheim an der Weinstrasse (on the Wine Road). The reason for this name - and the main product of the area - is immediately obvious if you visit: the hills are clothed with vinyards.

In October, 2021, while in Germany, I had the opporunity to visit these villages and photograph them. As I planned the expedition, I noticed that there is a village named Kriegheim (now part of Monsheim) about 6 miles | 10 km. east of Albisheim. Clearly, Kriegsheim had to be included in the expedition.

In case you're not familiar with German, it's helpful to know that heim is simply the word for "home". So the three village names translate roughly to "Albi's Home", "Church Home", and "Krieg's Home". It seems to have been a charming custom in that region to call towns "home" - there are several nearby villages with similar names. Interestinly, there is another town named Kriegsheim just across the border in France, about 80 miles | 130 km. south the one in Germany, and about 38 miles | 13 km. west of Bad Rotenfells, home of Franzjörg Krieg and the Krieg wagon-making shop there. There may not be many families named Krieg, but we seem to be well-rooted in that part of the world.

I hope you find these ancestral villages as lovely as I did!

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Albisheim Scenes 01.jpg Albisheim Scenes 02.jpg Albisheim Ev Kirche E.jpg Albisheim Ev Kirche entry.jpg Albisheim Ev Kirche S1.jpg Albisheim Ev Kirche S2.jpg Albisheim Ev Kirche tower E.jpg Albisheim Ev Kirche tower W.jpg Albisheim new cemetary 1.jpg Albisheim new cemetary 2.jpg Albisheim new cemetary 3.jpg Albisheim new cemetary 4.jpg Albisheim new cemetary 5.jpg Albisheim new cemetary 6.jpg Albisheim Rathaus 1.jpg Albisheim Rathaus 2.jpg Albisheim Scenes 05.jpg Albisheim Scenes 06.jpg Albisheim Scenes 07.jpg Albisheim Scenes 08.jpg Albisheim Scenes 09.jpg Albisheim Scenes 10.jpg Albisheim Scenes 11.jpg Albisheim Scenes 12.jpg Albisheim Scenes 13.jpg Albisheim Scenes 14.jpg Albisheim Scenes 15.jpg Albisheim Scenes 16.jpg Albisheim Scenes 17.jpg Albisheim Scenes 18.jpg Albisheim Scenes 19.jpg Albisheim Scenes 20.jpg Albisheim Scenes 21.jpg Albisheim Scenes 22.jpg Albisheim Scenes 23.jpg Albisheim Scenes 24.jpg Albisheim Scenes 25.jpg Albisheim Scenes 26.jpg Albisheim Scenes 27.jpg Albisheim Scenes 28.jpg Albisheim Scenes 29.jpg Albisheim war memorial.jpg


Kirchheim Scenes 01.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 02.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 03.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 04.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 05.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 06.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 07.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 08.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 09.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 10.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 11.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 12.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 13.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 14.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 15.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 16.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 17.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 18.jpg Kirchheim Scenes 19.jpg


Kriegsheim - Scenes 00.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 01.jpg Kriegsheim - Fountain.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 02.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 03.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 04.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 05.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 06.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 07.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 08.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 09.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 10.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 11.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 12.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 13.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 14.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 15.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 16.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 17.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 18.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 19.jpg Kriegsheim - Scenes 20.jpg Kriegsheim - St Josef Kat Kirche.jpg Kriegsheim - Street 1.jpg Kriegsheim - Street 2.jpg Kriegsheim - Street 3.jpg Kriegsheim - Welcome 1.jpg Kriegsheim - Welcome 2.jpg

The Countryside Around: Weinstrasse

Albisheim Scenes 03.jpg Albisheim Scenes 04.jpg Weinstrasse landscape 1.jpg Weinstrasse landscape 2.jpg Weinstrasse landscape 3.jpg

The Nearest City: Worms

Worms Luther Monument banners.jpg Worms Luther Monument.jpg Worms park sculpture.jpg Worms PrinzCarl Parkhotel.jpg Worms water tower peak.jpg
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