We have some collections of letters from our forebears written in the 19th century;

John Fletcher Montgomery and family

J. F. Montgomery and his wife Mary (née Wickham) farmed in Madison Township, Licking County, Ohio. He is Robert Drake's and Laurence Krieg's great-great-grandfather.
This set spans the years 1862-1865. It begins with two 1862 letters, one from John F. Montgomery's nephew Charles and the other from his sister Emily.
The majority of the set were written while John served as a "Hundred Day Man" in the Union Army in 1864, and were transcribed by Robert and Nancy Drake in the 1970s.
The set concludes with an 1865 letter from John's wife Mary's sister-in-law, also named Mary. These and the 1862 letters were transcribed at various times by Robert and Nancy Drake, Laurence and Martha Krieg.

Harrison Family Letters

(Awaiting processing) The Harrison family of Napoleon, Ohio, is related to the Campbell family by marriage. Several letters in the possession of Helen Came (my sister) were written when Dr. Harrison served as physician in the Union Army during the Civil War. Another set between mother Mary and daughter Laura Harrison Campbell were written between 1888 and 1910.



Letter from John Wood Campbell of Vermont to family at home, December 4, 1861, possibly while serving in the Union Army in Virginia (though we don't have a record of his service).

Various other letters and papers awaiting processing